Using Nature and Our Hands to move people toward optimal health, balance, and vitalityBody Awareness Center

Since its beginning in 1995, Body Awareness Center has evolved from a one-woman massage therapy studio, to a holistic health center offering a combination of therapies. In its current location, Body Awareness Center will continue its evolution with the gifts brought by our staff and a concerted effort on the creation of an "experience" for each client.

The purpose of our Center is to support as many people as possible in their quest for health. To educate them about the benefits of body work, body movement, and natural health care alternatives, and encourage them to educate others. We provide anyone who walks into Body Awareness Center a warm, friendly, memorable experience, moving them towards a life of balance, health and vitality.

We offer customized therapeutic body work and detoxification services designed to connect you to your innermost sense of well being. Our therapies blend mind-body-spirit-nature-planet and people, bringing you integrated solutions to your wellness concerns.

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  • 12 Months of Transformation
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